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Langley Construction has been successful in project management and contracting for over twenty five years and managed to do so by being selective when employing subcontractors. At Langley Construction, we ensure that each subcontractor meets our standards to ensure that the quality and performance that we demand is upheld.

Working for Langley Construction

At Langley Construction, it is of utmost importance that we are viewed by clients, governing bodies, professional affiliates, staff members, consultants and neighbors as the truly professional and high quality company that we are. We expect all employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and on site personnel to co-operate, respect, and create a non adversarial workplace. Maintaining this quality provides a high quality end result and business relationships that will build a strong and reputable future.

Langley construction has also fully implemented a safety program which all employees, non-employees, sub-contractors and suppliers are expected to adhere to on all of our projects. Each full-time employee is expected to complete an OSHA certification within their first six months as well as participate in our regular “tool box safety meetings” and are rewarded with incentives for having safe jobs sites upon unscheduled safety inspections.

Langley Construction is an equal opportunity employer. Selection of employees, sub-contractors, supplies, etc. is based solely on their ability to perform at the highest quality possible, and meeting our performance criteria.

If you are interested in joining our team of subcontractors, please fill out the prequalification form below.

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