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Construction Management

Construction management is a professional management practice applied to construction projects from project inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost, scope and quality.

When we become your Construction Manager, you can rest assured that you will have construction experts looking out for your best interests!

It’s never too early to contract with a Construction Manager (CM)

 A professional CM should be engaged as early in the project as possible. Our expertise can save you countless headaches as we help you through the entire process of site selection, permitting, selecting the proper resources and over-seeing the building process.

The Langley Construction Management Team:

  • Acts as your consultant during the development and design phases.
  • Project leaders to the rest of the team.
  • Play a pivotal role throughout all phases of project implementation.
  • Drive development and evaluation of the project, defining the overall program and scope of work to include budgets and schedules.
  • Delivers construction perspective and input to planning and design decisions providing realistic assessment of project duration and sequencing needs.
  • Ability to fast track early components of construction prior to full completion of design.

Contracting with Langley Construction as your Construction Manager


An initial agreement with a CM is typically for a fixed fee contract for pre-construction and general condition costs along with an agreed contractor’s markup fee as a percentage or fixed fee. Once design has progressed to a point where a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) can be established, the contract is converted to a GMP contract with all remaining fixed costs rolled into the GMP.

  •  1 – Interview for experience and ability
  • 2 – Contract CM, Architect, Engineer
  • 3 – All parties learn Owner’s program of operation
  • 4 – Develop concepts for site and building
  • 5 – Review code for compliance
  • 6 – Create hardline drawings for final review
  • 7 – Start approval process with local municipality and state (if required)
  • 8 – Create budget and preliminary schedule
  • 9 – Value engineering based on plan review, sub-contractors and material suppliers input
  • 10 – Agree to GMP
  • 11 – Complete approval process, secure building permit
  • 12 – Create critical path schedule
  • 13 – Identify major challenges that may affect day-to-day operations
  • 14 – Set up meeting schedule to review progress and discuss upcoming events
  • 15 – Substantial completion – certificate of occupancy and preliminary schedule

16 - Final Completion!

(Building turnover, walk through with facilities manager, issue O&M manual)

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